Customer Service

Your Satisfication is our ultimate goal...Our mission does not end with the delivery of the product. we are here for you, 24/7, with a professional customer service & maintenance team.

Noise Barrier

Experience a tranquil environment...Cirém Confort DC Motor acutator system offers lower noise compared to AC motors.

Stay Charged

Nothing will break your comfort. The Bed is equipped with an emergency power supply in case of power cuts.

Wall Hugger Technology

No Strains...Adjust your well-being at the touch of a button. the wall hugger technology allows you to stay close to the nightstand to easily reach for something without creating any strains on your body

Stay Wireless

No complications...Use your wireless remote control to change your position without worrying about tangled wires.

Automate your Comfort

Without changing your bedroom furniture. Simply; by replacing your old mattress & mattress slats with Cirem Confort adjustable bed. 1- We empty up your wooden bed frame by removing away your unbendable mattress and mattress slats. 2- By that, your bed frame becomes ready to install Cirem Confort adjustable bed inside it. 3- Our technical team installs Cirem confort adjustable bed inside your wooden bed frame. 4- Followed by placing the bendable latex mattress on top of adjustable bed. Your new bed is ready now... Enjoy


Indulge in classiness...Treat yourself in the European French fine taste and classy designs.