Shatter the Illusion of Comfort

After a long day, we delve into our beds hoping for some quality relaxation time. However, a normal bed: • Does NOT guarantee proper support for our postures • Does NOT provide even pressure on the body’s pressure points . When we take the common elevated body posture with pillows behind our back to read a book for example, we get an illusion of comfort at first, but a while later we start experiencing physical discomforts and aches in the back, neck, shoulders, lungs and even chest. Effect: • Psychological and emotional discomfort • Tension. • No longer making the bed a comfort zone.

Health is as important as luxury

We made sure to make an experience of perfection ensuring comfort and health. Cirém Confort adjustable beds mind your health and well-being too. It will support a correct posture for your back spine, allowing it’s natural curvature. It will also support various areas of your body including the neck, head, lower back, legs, knees.latex responds instantaneously when pressure is removed. This means you're constantly and fully supported the second you move. Furthermore, your choice of our Latex or Memory foam mattresses offer a soft and body-contouring sleep surface that supports without creating painful pressure points.

Ultimate Relaxation

You must choose the right and perfect household bed that will let you escape labor life and lead you into the comfort zone experience. We all attempt to relax and have quality time for ourselves, but are we actually doing it the right way? Do we stay in the right postures that guarantee the ultimate relaxation we can really get? With the Cirém Beds range, you will be able to: • Calm your body and mind. • Renew your energy and turn your mood around. • Lie down, read, watch TV, or use the computer.